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Welcome to Leather Compendiums Australia, operating since 2005.  We are an Australian based company operating from various warehouses throughout this country and provide you with a quality selection of compendiums and folders.  All of our merchandise on offer is made from the highest quality materials that we can source.  Due to the competitive nature of the leather industry and the recent decline in leather made products over the last 5-10 years we have tried to source leather from manufactures from ethical backgrounds.  Many of our raw materials come from places such as India, Indonesia, Philippines and Brazil.  Many of these types of places have been chosen not only just because of a “cost” factor, but these are literally some of the only countries left doing this type of work in the world.  Leather craft and the manufacturing is a highly skilled occupation and we choose these types of suppliers due to a range of factors that have learnt over the years.  YES, we can provide you with a handmade leather compendium made in Australia and made exclusively from Australian leather and we have done this for specialised clients in the past.  The reality is many different types of business and companies, just like you, want something that is affordable and that is made from great quality leather materials.

We give you these options with all of our compendiums on our very informative website.  We realise that you may want to look, feel and touch our unique range of leather products.  We understand that you can’t always tell from a photograph which product you would like to buy.  That’s why we are very happy to offer you samples upon request.  If you are looking for more than one sample or several of your favourites, no problem, simply let one of our staff know which products you would like and then we can express them or even airbag them directly to your preferred address.  Due to the dozens of samples we send out on a weekly basis, we do charge for all our samples to be sent out.  We do supply these at very affordable rates and we just want to make sure you make the right decision when it comes to your compendiums or folders investment.  After your selection we offer you several types of decoration options for your logo, image or text to be displayed.  These options include pad printing, laser engraving, foil stamping or the ever popular embossing.  Our standard printing process is supplied to you free of charge with all of our compendiums in our range.  This is a one colour pad print that is printed by a speciality machine onto your compendiums.  Also after the print is applied we also include a free clear protective coating over the top of your print to ensure you decoration will last as long as possible.  Laser engraving is well suited to compendiums that often have a metal plaque on the front.  Everything from your business name, company name can be added to this small but significant area.  We can even customise each one with a name, number or specialty design feature of your choice.  Some clients also decide to even incorporate a laser engrave with a pad print too.  Foil stamping is simply embossing with a small sheet or layer of colour added to the stamp being placed onto your merchandise.  This works very well with any type of genuine leather compendium and some types of artificial of bonded leather too.  Embossing is a stamping process that is fantastic for all types of leather compendiums.  The result is a subtle logo or wording of your choice that will last the lifetime of your product.  Looking for a completely customised compendium?  We have the knowledge and resources to create your compendiums offshore at very competitive rates.  All you need to have is an idea of the style, features and function of your compendiums and 6-8 weeks of time on your side and we can take care of the rest for you. 

Since 2005 we have been in the compendiums industry and we certainly know our stuff.  We have work very closely with many of Australia’s top companies and business and also many different types of smaller ones too.  For information regarding who we have worked with simply ask one of our sales staff.  We are more than happy to brag!  Our decoration is devoted to some of Australia’s top performing leather crafts people and printers too.  With over 25 years in the leather industry, embossed compendiums have become our specialty.  For any questions or comments please contact us today.  We are more than happy to assist all of your compendium requirements and look forward to working with you on a one on one basis.

Embossed/Debossed Compendiums

If you are looking for an embossed leather product, then look no further than us.  Our embosser who decorates all of our leather compendiums has over 4 generations of experience in this delicate process. Traditionally metal embossing plates need to be made up to imprint logos or designs onto leathers.  Now days we use new polymer moulds which are very strong and can be used time and time again.  This new process also speeds up the entire embossing process.  Today we can emboss your decorated leather compendiums within 8-10 days. We have a wealth of experience decorating leathers such as Analine Leather, Ballet Leather all the way through to you very best fine Full Grain Leathers.  We will only decorate genuine leather products due to the fact this material will give us the best quality finish.  If you are looking at a more affordable non-leather product one of customer service operators will suggest another decoration option for you and your business.  Our embossing team is the best in the business.  With over two generations of embossing experience we get the job right every time.  

Foil Stamping

Foil stamping compendiums has certainly gained popularity over the last 3-5 years.  Typically a compendium is stamped with a logo or design then the "foil" or special printing paper is placed into this space.  A stamping block has to be hand made to first achieve the stamp.  The foil stamping process is a very specailised print process that uses heat and pressure to embellish the surface of a compendium with your logo or design.  Foils typically have an adhesive backing to enable foil to bond to the surface of the compendium.  The colours we provide you include gold, silver or black and a limited range of metallic colours for a bolder view.   

Printed Compendiums

Another speciality print process due to the nature of compendium fabrics and inks used.  Our printing professionals print the perfect compedium every single time and with over 25 years experience in this area, why wouldn't you trust a company like us.  Choose from various locations and colours.  Our print options include the following:

- Screen Print or Pad Print - please contact our staff for the best decoration recomendation. 

Plain Or Undecorated

Yes, we can provide you with plain or undecorated compendiums of your choice.  Please contact one of our staff for more information. 

High Quality Leather Images

Here are just some of the types of high quality leathers that we use on a daily basis.  Pleae note that we can customize your compendiums to suit.  Here are images of some of the types of leather we can utalise:



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