Free Artwork

What is free artwork and is there such a thing? Here at Leather Compendiums Australia we drill down and cover what every day Australian merchandising consumers want and that’s no charges for art. Graphic artists can charge anywhere upwards of $65.00 per/hour for artwork creation or alterations. We have alleviated the pain associated with this never-ending exercise. When branding compendiums, folders and pad covers, there is always artwork needed and it’s the secret sauce of what we do. The product you purchase is only as good as the decoration we place on your glorious items. Why? The definition of a custom printed item is “an item with a logo or branding placed into/on the surface, clearly displaying one’s tag phrase or slogan” therefore the need for high-quality art has never been greater. With the advances in digital print technology and the demand for our clients wanting to print full-color logo’s on never-ending array of products and surfaces, Boot has you covered in all areas of high quality art. Below we explain a little bit more about our free artwork process.

What is fee artwork with Leather Compendiums – is this really free?

Yes, most artwork is free and of no charge when you place your order with LCA. If our graphic artists need to create logo/s or designs for your items to print we do this at no charge of all. The only artwork we do charge a small fee for is “digital art” which can be and is normally very complex.

If I do supply digital art but it’s not Vector art, can you convert this for me?

Yes, we can. We require vector art for a complex digital logo with photo-like finishes or colour graduation on a large scale. Pricing starts a just $25.00 per logo conversion but depending on the “number of hours” needed to convert your standard logo into high-quality artwork, this will vary. Sometimes these types of conversions can take up to 24 hours or more to complete. We are happy to provide you quote upon viewing your logo. Complex Digital Vector Artwork

I have a product that I would like to print a logo on but we have no logo?

No problems at all, our graphics team can assist you with your logo design and creation. Simply email us at [email protected] with a scope of your project and art, we shall take care of the rest.

What is the optimal type of artwork I can supply?

The preferred artwork format would be “vector art” For anyone that unsure what vector at is, here we go.

Vector art/graphics allow promotions companies like Boost to create and brand high-quality works of art with clean lines and no jagged edges when scaled to any size. Normally a program like Adobe Illustrator is used to create such a file. This file is normally created by someone like a graphic artist. To print logo’s, or text messages onto any product in our range we need this format, first and foremost. It is one of the most important fundamental aspects of any high-quality print finish.

Below is a comparison of Vector v’s Rastor file. We need to create the non-jagged vector art to produce an outstanding print finish on your promotional merchandise:

What file types do you accept?

For art that needs to be redrawn when you order we basically accept anything. If you have a sketch on a word document, we can use this for your new artwork creation. Alternatively, if you can supply a JPEG, TIF, BMP, GIF we will gladly accept these too.

For vector art files, AI, EPS, PDF are very welcomed.

Note: if you have had your logo or artwork designed by a graphic artist in the past, they should be able to supply with a high-resolution vector art file. If not, we shall enjoy the challenge or reproducing your art into a high quietly format.