Monogramming & Personalisation Onto Custom Branded Compendiums

Ordering Compendiums - Monogramming & Personalisation Onto Custom Branded Compendiums

What is monograming onto compendiums?

What is monogramming?

Monogramming is the process of adding a custom design or initials to an item, typically made from fabric or leather.  Monogramming can involve debossing and/or foil stamping various text, including full names and initials, using an existing typeset. The text is inserted into a machine for hot stamping onto items that fit into the machine. Debossing creates a recessed design on the surface of the item, while foil stamping uses heat and pressure to apply a thin layer of foil to create a raised design.

Monogramming is commonly used for personalising items such as compendiums, folders, wallets pad covers, menus, iPad covers, organisers, diaries, notebooks and can add a touch of elegance and individuality to the item.

What is monogramming onto compendiums?

Monogramming onto compendiums refers to the process of personalizing a compendium, which is a multi-functional item that can be used as a portfolio, notebook, or organizer, by adding an individual’s initials or a monogram, usually in the form of an embossed design. Monogramming is a popular way to add a personal touch to a compendium and make it unique.

Here at Leather Compendiums we offer monogramming with emboss or print initials or names and includes the following:

Option 1 –  INITIALS: 2-3 Letters, Goudy Light, 24pt or 36pt, Capitals Only, No full Stops

Option 2 – FIRST NAME: 1st Name only, Goudy Light, 18pt, or 24pt, Capitals Only, no Full Stops

Option 3 – FULL NAME: 1st & 2nd Name, News Gothic, 14pt, Capitals only, No Full Stops

What are the best materials for monogramming?

Suitable materials for monogramming and personalisation include:
1.  Genuine leather
2.  Cowhide leather
3. PU Leather or leather look materials – also named polyurethane.  We will advise if your products is suitable for this process

Monogramming experience - what we know

Our head monogram man is Ross, an expert leather craftsman with over 35 years’ experience working with leather products.  No one in Australia has more experience than Ross, a compendium enthusiast at heart and expert when it comes to any type of decoration of these magnificent pieces of art.  We guarantee every single job – perfection is our goal with displaying your logo every single time.

How much does monogramming cost to place onto compendiums?

Great question – this one is slightly hard one to explain in one sentence, but lets give you and overview here.  We custom each order for monogramming due to so many variations is pricing.

Example : A clients purchases 25 compendiums, and would like initials (2-3 letters) placed onto each of these items.  The cost for this option would be the product price (found on our individual product pages) + $9.00 each, setup $75.00.

For a custom quote, please contact us for pricing.

Monogramming setup fees?

Yes, we do charge a setup fee for this process.  For just $75.00 start monogramming today!

Contact us today for more information.

Do you have a MOQ for monogramming compendiums?

Yes, minimum order for monogramming onto compendiums (and other general items we offer) is generally speaking “the lowest quantity” in our pricing tables for individual products, which in turn is just “25” units.  We can go down to 15 units – a small surcharge will apply.  Contact us today for more information.

How logo does is take for monogramming take to produce?

We work on a standard 7-8 working days to have your compendiums decorated and delivered to your location.  Need them sooner?  Contact us today for rush orders.

Do you offer a RUSH service monogramming?

Yes we do.  We can provide rush order in just 4-5 working days to have your compendiums decorated and delivered to your location.  Contact us today for rush orders.

Do I need a logo for monogramming?

No – monogramming is produced with our very own typeset process.  Names, initials are created using our own specialty letting typesetting fonts we have in stock.

Can You Supply An Art Proof Before My Order Goes Into Production?

Yes, we have to provide you a visual art proof (PDF format) for you to sign (sent electronically) so we have the green light to print your order.  All items will be supplied with separate artworks.